Let’s start with a slumber introduction.

“I find my personal solace in reading and writing.”

That’s me quoting myself, yep.


As fortunate that I am to have the ability to read, write and … rant, blogging was something I was forever fascinated with. And I did make a blog, on a very much picture and very little content oriented website called Tumblr – http://www.ilookingthings.tumblr.com . I was going good there (I sure will post my older posts from there once I get used to WordPress), until I lost my touch completely due to a few things that I came across or that happened for good, in the end.

When it is often said among people about ‘nobody being perfect’, I follow that rigorously. I have contradictions regarding myself, there is self loath, but never self pity. Then again, I understand my perks of being young and I am being pretty much ideal, that way.

The year 2013 is coming to an end on a good note over all and a bitter one, personally. I can only be a strong young woman now, working towards being positive and taking up things in a swift stride, I hope too, at the least. Also, that I am in search of myself. I am drifting off humans, for a while, there are career-defining examinations coming up too. I am sadly looking forward for the future, for this circle of life is mysterious.

This blog will have all things ratoonic that may or may not evolve into something to look back and smile about. I am happy to be here!

Well, that is Vrushali Kadam for you, not the ideal open book, but I am trying. Read me.


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