Like A Virgin, Almost

This is mad, truly.

A few days ago, retailers and people of Christian faiths celebrated what is acknowledged as the only virgin birth ever recorded. A few days before that, a study was released that found that one percent of women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five years old who became pregnant claimed that they were virgins and conceived without the help of a man or any sort of medical assistance.

Let me pause here because I know that some of you are reading this and saying “a few days ago…and a few days before that. We’re talking about something that is soooooo two weeks ago, Oma.”

Look, just back off me, alright? I was busy and haven’t had the time to write about this until just now. You want current? CNN is open for business.

Moving on then…

One Percent

One percent. That’s not many. Unless you consider that there were 3.9…

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