Facebook – What do we actually do?

Image Facebook.

This virtual spectacle that started off with a controversy about a decade ago was created to promote the concept of ‘social networking’. Now, it’s a social status. A person will give you a quizzical look if you say something like ‘I don’t have a Facebook profile’, then they will brand you asocial. That is how Facebook works now, it not only lets us in a virtual reality of other people’s lives, but it also does something that women love – creates a discussion, a debate and makes a person a villain, a hero or someone who ‘lacks everything else in life hence he is on Facebook’ – whichever you may prefer!

Now, I am going to put up a few points about how do we actually use Facebook. And by that, I certainly don’t  mean any technicalities neither am I generalizing any facts. These point’s will be based only on my experience and my observations which I am sure a lot of you readers will identify with (my way of saying I am not the only one!). Here we go..

1. Stalking.

You know the time we add the popular people on Facebook? When they actually accept our friend requests without knowing much about our existence on planet earth? Yes, we do stalk them on a regular basis, then. I myself have done that on various occasions, previously! Now now now, it isn’t a necessity that only the opposite sex is stalked on Facebook. For instance, I do stalk good looking girls, candle bodied and everything to motivate myself to at least initiate body toning to get fit! The concept of stalking is healthy if you are looking for motivation and anything positive and if it is HEALTHY stalking!

2. The Crush Saga.

Crushes. People who you find good looking and your heart flutters. These experiences are sweet, truly. But Facebook could be your match maker? Certainly, yes! Although stalking plays a major role here, but you get to understand how real/fake (pun intended) is your Sweet Crush trying to be. In a way, you get to know them, don’t you? The Crush Saga is, obviously, an exception for the committed one’s. Especially when you have your relationship status right there to the left side of your profile. :’)

3. The Candy Crush Saga!

Oh, yes! That one game the world goes crazy about! It is impossible not to fall in love with this addictive game. Many people log in ONLY to play the Candy Crush Saga. Recently, the developer of the game went ahead to trademark the word ‘Candy’. So you know what I am talking about, now? Yes, a game well played on Facebook.

4. Irritating our soul mate.

Stalking – Version 2. I do this all the time and I am positive MOST of the committed people will relate to this. The close friends tab lets you stalk what your partner does. And what do we do then? QUESTION THEM! Women, we love doing this more than men, but both the genders do this out of insecurity. Liking, commenting plays an important role here to practically blow the issue out of proportion. We know this, we still do it.

5. To be who we want to be.

To the several surveys I came across whilst writing this piece, thousands of people have agreed to one fact. Portraying what you aspire to be as a person is usually captured on your timeline. I did that, too. I typed almost every word in the ‘SMS language’ and when I joined Facebook and when I realized that the style is not really acceptable after going through several tough peoples’ profiles, my words started being fuller, their original. It is a good concept if it helps you develop, but an antagonizing one if you depend on it!

6. Making friends, finally!

Facebook was made to connect people from all over the world. And therefore, we make new friends. One friend per week is the lowest count. My count is probably less than that!

I could really type in a lot more but I have my academic books to go after at the moment, and I would love inputs from the one’s reading this! I hope I connected with many of you.

Welcome To Facebook.


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