The Judgemental Stares!

We do it all the time and it happens to us at least 10 times in a day. THE JUDGEMENTAL STARE.

Yes. Those conclusive stares that you create when you see a person YOU think who has a better, meagre or really awful appearance. See, I judged. We judge everybody and then put up hoardings of ‘Never Judge A Person Without Knowing Them’!

Let me get back to the stares.
The traditional Judgemental Stare goes back to the time of the Apes, only.

*pun intended*

Well, don’t we all judge the likes of Miley ‘Destiny Hope’ Cyrus with all the possible unethical swears because she is unethical. See, I judged. It’s that simple. And we do this all time.
Students and people who use public transportation like omnibuses and trains will know better.
Ladies, you will identify yourself with this. The moment you get your ass in the compartment you are X-rayed starting from your face with little or no consideration, down to your heaving chest because you just ran up to the compartment door from the platform. Next, is your bottom – denims or skirts or whatever you are wearing. Of course, I will jump back to the top, I have to be detailed about every embroidery on that top! Now, those eyes will slowly slide down to your sandals/sneakers/chappals. Now, now, now . . if you wear socks with your sandals, they are already laughing at you and you suck. But they will never stop giving you THE stare until you get off, unless they get off before you.


P.S When this dramatic progress of X-ray takes place with YOU being the target, you are already targeting some body else. :’)


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