Synonyms and Thoughts – The Expression of Writing

The first pictograms were painted by our ancestors about 25,000 years ago, as per discovery. Pictograms were drawn on the walls of caves in order to record information, during the prehistoric era, when no writing existed. This art is often considered to be a precursor of writing.

By 3200 BCE, the Egyptians practiced hieroglyphics – an elaborate script where sighs and sounds were pictorial in nature. The Sumerians developed the first script for the purpose of writing. In the coming centuries, papyrus parchment scrolls, paper scrolls, etc developed rapidly. So much by our ancestors for the need to record.

The pre, pro and proto historics – they all wrote. Writing is one factor that has lead us and our ancestors to correspond as well as to let our thoughts flow in with help of words starting with logo based scripts, sound based syllabic script and finally alphabetic. It does sound ancient and everything, but our evolution to writing and to civilization really was, is, a fascinating process.

And until Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, writing on papyrus or paper parchment was pretty much the same – hand written information, only. Thank you, Mr. Gutenberg – the great German. Basically, writing has only evolved in its form as scriptures and technology. The main and the only base has remained the same since its inception – the need to store thoughts materialistically.

All us bloggers on WordPress are here only to have our say about ANY THING, let our minds flow and let others reflect or relate to our thoughts and opinions. I am in awe of writing as an expression. For me, skilled or not, the ability to write (type, here) and express oneself really is a very, very big deal. It is a brave thing to do, even in democracies. I am a total, definite acolyte of writing as an outlet of emotions, my concious mind and opinions.


I may not be a very skilled writer, yet I vow to remain passionate and maintain that passion that boils and inculcates the expression of writing within myself, until the beauty of this planet slowly fades from my living memory.


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