Feeling Right Doing The Wrong Things

                                                                       I am prone to do wrong things at the wrong time. I play music when somebody is hospitalized. I roll on my bed and think when the world (my time zone, only) sleeps. I text when I study (not always). I do so many things that are wrong at the wrong time that it seems like a make-believe concept for me to think, what if my internal organs also work all wrong. The heart doing the brains job is quite common to human folk, of course, but what about collection of fats due to fast metabolism? For the rich fat that I possess, that is possible.


By this I certainly do not mean that it is okay to do wrong at the right time. Doing wrong is wrong, intentional or not. Doing wrong and not making the future right is the bigger wrong, than the wrong originally committed. Naturally, no one does anything right without doing any wrong.

It is either black or white.

Grays must be overlooked.

Black and white.

Yin and yang.


One cannot be accomplished without the other, and by that I do not want to give out a wrong message.

From and for me, all I can confidently say now is that make your wrong a correction for your future, and one day there will be no wrongs. No BIG wrongs, at least.

So do not be afraid to step back and ponder over your narcissism and mind-less behavior patterns that seem right when you do them. Doing the right the thing at the wrong time, makes it a wrong thing.


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