Maybe This Will Be My Day

Becoming Cliche

The sun melts all around me, and yet... The sun melts all around me, and yet…

It happens sometimes. The good things swirl around and around me, teasing with their nearness, but then they dance away again like bashful butterflies, never lighting on me.

The last couple of weeks have been like that. I feel like I am invisible. I see the people around me wallowing in the richness. I try to be happy for them, to experience their joy the way I know they would for me. But it’s hard. I am sick and sad and a little jealous.

I ask myself what’s wrong with me? Am I not as good as everybody else? Why them? Why not me? Am I invisible? I want to scream “HERE I AM!” Is there something wrong with me?

Sometimes I feel angry, too. I have  the same wants and needs as anybody else.

I pick myself up and move on…

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