Tastes from three wineries…but we’ll start with just one.

This is a fine article which is written eloquently and also provides a tiny but useful insight into viticulture!

Must read!


I know very little about viticulture, but I have an interest in all growing things.  From my seated position in yoga class I often place my focus on the “Old Mother” grapevine, planted in 1861 as part of the Spanish padres’ contribution to Mission life.

If it’s possible to love a grapevine, I think I do.


I previously wrote about this aspect of Southern California viticulture history HERE.

Wineries and vineyards are the second most popular tourist destination in California, second only to Disneyland.

Although there are 3,800 bonded wineries in California, most family owned with interesting backstories, I’ll have to narrow my focus. In the interest of not overwhelming you, we’ll take them one at a time–three of them, not all 3,800.

Combining my interest in agriculture, viticulture and Spanish California land grants, our first stop is the Mosby Wine Tasting Room.


Bill Mosby and his wife, Jeri, purchased the old de la Vega land…

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