Lost in Her Sway

(Originally composed on April 30, 2014.)

She wound up blissfully,
in her mother’s arms.
The first memory, playfully,
bundled blanket and no qualms.

She was the Sun,
every one woke up to her cries.
Anguished, they may sound
until her pipe dries.

She grew very slowly,
an average petite stature.
Her grooming was such,
trained right by Mother Nature.

Innocence was on a leash,
it was quickly unleashed.
A storm was arising,
putting her down to the least.

As slowly she recovered,
from the frightful nuance.
The awareness of her vulnerability,
declared her acting stance.

She stumbled upon every step,
almost gave up the measure for the mess.
It sure did dawn upon her,
“Do not run, here lies my righteousness.”

It had to be done,
she accounted for her mistakes.
There was the majority too,
describing her foul traits.

But she was a Phoenix,
aware of rising one day.
It was this spirit of hers,
she remarked all the way.

She said,
“Never look down upon the past,
there lies your accountability.
Do keep looking up to the future,
there lies your presents credibility!”


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