Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today – Introduction


             Being an amateur blogger,  it does get hard to suffice at times when I glance at my total ‘hits’ so far (171 since December’13). I never considered my Tumblr ‘blog’ to be a blog since Tumblr has more of a picture blogging concept. Therefore, I decided to plunge right into WordPress – where I could actually express myself as I always wished to.

Making your presence felt on the Internet is an extremely difficult task, unless your act is funny or scandalous.  Mine is neither.

As an 18 years young adult, I am thoroughly indulging into the realm of all things positive. My teenage woes had completely gone haywire (I sure will write about them after this series of posts!) and I experienced a wild world. Thanks to my loved ones, I am over that phase and I look upon slowly building a positive character myself with the help of books and things or people around me.

Inspiration plays a gigantic part in my journey to retain my humanity and achieve my goals in the near future.

Having said that, Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today is my small adventure in the world of blogging. I will post a picture and a brief summary about a being or a thing that inspired me that day for 9 days.

I have two major reasons to start this series of picture posts;

1. I want to help myself to perform and observe the smallest of good characteristics.
2. I will (hopefully) relate to my readers or just make someone smile.

I hope to keep up with my posts!

Shine On ☆


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