Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today – Day One : My Chinese Bamboo Plant


            My Chinese Bamboo Plant

        In January 2014, our neighbor gifted us a Chinese bamboo plant, famously also known as a ‘money plant’. I am certainly not impyling that we (my family) believe in such dubious superstitions, but when you are happily gifted a money plant by your neighbors as close as your extended family, there is little you can do to say no.

The four months young plant, which now lies in the grills of our French window on the third floor of our apartment building is growing beautifully.


So how is it my inspiration today?

I am going to be very honest about the  dishonesty that we performed in regard to our green little friend.

We never changed its pot.
(Picture on top)

The growth of the plant has been tremendous (without any great financial rewards as it promises to bring as a ‘money plant’), but the pace of life in the City of Dreams never let any of us Kadam’s any time to consider a change of pot for the bamboo plant.

What inspired me about the plant is the idea of growing in our space. As I looked around my surroundings to find the ‘inspiring thing’ for today’s post, I spotted the plant. It’s caretakers have been ignorant with an exception of regular watering. Yet, it grew beautifully,  adjusting in its space.

Like my Chinese bamboo plant, as I think, I will grow even with any limitation I come across. We have the ability to think and control ourselves like no other living organism, yet we misunderstand and underestimate our power of thought and do not utilize it to move forward.

              Noticing the plants growth, we are changing its pot and reassembling it in a bigger space where it can grow even more beautifully.

Never get annoyed at your limitations.
Be positive and grow inside your limitations. Your work and efforts will be recognized, but do not wait for appreciation. Just go with the flow.


Like my Chinese Bamboo Plant!

Shine On ☆


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