Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Two – Books, Books and Some More Books.


        When I first started reading newspapers at the age of nine, I was clueless about what reading was going to do to me in the future. I never really had the feeling of doing something great or anything of that sort until… I read about him.

Harry Potter.

At the age of eleven (oh, the irony! Harry too, was eleven when he starts attending Hogwarts!) I read my first ‘big’ novel. Harry Potter and the Philosopers Stone after two years of reading a lot of Lewis Carrol, the Tinkle comics, short moral stories et cetera. Having said that, the Harry Potter series really did change my life in more than one way.

Apart from reading the Harry Potter series a million times, I am gifted with the ability of loving and reading any kind of books. ANY. Reading books gives me the kind of happiness, knowledge and educates me in a way like no other activity ever can. Harry Potter truly was the beginning of my journey with books and reading. I owe J.K Rowling all my intellect and communication abilities.


Let me tell you how books inspire me.

Reading books and practically anything is an addiction. Yes, it is important for us to choose the right book as reading indeed does affect our subconscious, provided if you greatly concentrate the way I do!

Books, and reading in general, affect and inspire me like no other living organism and objects alike. They have developed me as a person. Novels let me slide into the world of imagination.
Being a self proclaimed professional People Spotter,  I love analyzing various characters that strike me as myself or very different – and books have given me that liberty.

Well written and beautifully executed characters like Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, Miss Marpel from the Agatha Christie suspense series, Emma from the book by the same name and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice written by the ever classic Jane Austen et cetera have intrigued me like no other character or even a person. Books have only helped me develop like no other program can.

As a matter of fact, I am currently reading a self enriching book ‘You Can Win’ by entrepreneur and motivational guide Shiv Khera and it’s content is helping me to build a positive character for myself. I can feel the difference even at this stage.

Books are my way of saying “my life is now complete”. Apart from mental inspiration, reading books also gives me the inspiration and boost to write. Being a Content Writer, the quality of words and phrases that I practice do not originate in the inner realm of my curious mind, but from the books that I have read so far. The blogs, the books and the poetry that I write today is the result of the inspiration I have looked for and gained in the pages of timeless classics and undiscovered books, both.

Just like the pages of a book are bound together, my jest for life is bound by books. Books have taught me to be me.

♢ They taught me to be a rational person.

♢ They taught me to believe in myself.

♢ They taught me how to spot people better.

♢ They have my helped my communication skills.

♢ They make me happy. Extremely happy.


A life without the presence of a personal library is meaningless!

There is a lot one can learn from a book. Even an empty book.

Shine On ☆


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