Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Three – My Beautiful Mother


        A mother. She is a woman who has her own individuality. She is a woman who has her own drainage of multiple emotions. She has her own life which she always had until we popped out of her and she still has it even when we can take care of ourselves completely as adults. Yet, she gives her all and acts like our faithful Genie.

My mother is the first woman I ever looked up to. Married on 21st June 1987 at the tender age of 20, she was 21 years young when my older sister was born. Too young to have a child, considering I will be graduating at 21! After the birth of my sister, so I have heard, this woman never looked back. Her in laws were nearly her grandparent’s age (my grandfather being away as a Freedom Fighter, resulting into my father’s late birth) and she was lost in her new home, trying to learn to live everyday of her life henceforth without the guidance of her own parents.

Who wouldn’t be?

A young girl living her growing years with her husband, a child and her in laws.

Taking care of a dying father in law, a cancerous mother in law and her children in ’99, my mother along with my father never let us even get the hint of anything going haywire when it really was – we hit our worse financial crisis, Dad had to leave his job and we were also considering the sale of our dwelling (Mom never let that happen, we still live here).

          She is often called ‘Mother Teresa’ by my sister and I… she does things like that!

‘Everybody loves her’ truly is an understatement. Our neighbors, their children and even their extended families adore my mother and always appreciate her presence. We attend our neighbor’s and other society folk’s family functions due to my mother’s famed kindness which she is super modest about (and it does get irritating sometimes,  her kindness and helpfulness)!

She is an extremely kind and helpful woman. If a person has to fall ill in our society building, she sprints towards them as soon as she gets to know and is always there if the ailing person needs to get to the hospital (in some cases, she is there for ailing people even before their families are). I have seen that over 15 times, literally.


Me with the hand on my hip flanked by Mother Teresa and my big ol’ sister.

         I skipped a year of college due to some reasons and situations that should not have turned out the way they did. I was expecting my mother to be disappointed in me. After all, she has given me everything I ever wanted and I could not even educate myself for a year.

She wasn’t.

She understood me like nobody else could, not even my friends. She told me it was okay to make mistakes at this age. She asked me to ask myself – what have I learnt from this experience? That really is an amazing way of self evaluation.

After that phase of my life, my mother and I are more closer than ever. With my annoying habit of observance,  I have educated myself on ethics involuntary by just looking at my mother, trying to be a good housewife. And she is one. Her marriage of 27 years is a proof for that statement.


A selfless and giving woman, I can do nothing but wish there were more people like my mother.

I am proud to be my mother’s daughter.
I am sure most of you will think so too, about your mothers. :’)

Shine On 💫


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