Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Four – Fitness (Health Is Wealth)



            I dedicate this article to all those skinny girls on my Facebook profile. Yes, I did indulge into some healthy stalking a while back and always wondered “When will I achieve that kind of a body?”

I admittedly surfed through the Internet and looked up pages and pages of my favorite well dressed persons, but gave up because I could not wear what they wore and also what I wanted to. I was never fat and not even close to having ‘baby fat’, having attributed my childhood to martial arts and dancing I was pretty flexible – just with slight flabs and sort of thunder thighs (no more!).

This was exactly when I started getting frustrated with my body. Super skinny girls in college and on Facebook who wore clothes of their choice over their desirable bodies. Then there was me – I had ideas which I could not possibly experiment with!

Along with the insecurity I was also aware of two very important facts –

💪 I wanted to be FIT. NOT skinny. I wanted BALANCED FOOD INTAKE.  NOT starvation.

💪 I needed to start as soon as possible and not procrastinate in order to get in terms with my body and to feel the confidence which I knew I had in essence.


💪 How is fitness inspiring me today?

        After successfully starting with a regular workout routine and a balanced diet, I indeed feel a difference.

When I started off with my daily workout routine at home (yes, without a gym) and my balanced diet, I wanted to see immediate results which is not how the process of weight loss begins. Many people give up after a while and I decided to be different. My hunger to workout was swallowing me and therefore the first thing I picked up from my practice of fitness was patience.

Patience was followed by the feeling of relaxation and calm – something that my esteem craved for.

Having said that, I certainly am at the liberty to say that working towards attaining a fit body not only to look good, but also for a healthy future gives you more than it takes from your efforts.

Although I have experienced a major change but haven’t achieved my goal of appropriate fitness as of now, I sure will in a few months time and I definitely will record it on my blog, right here!


Let not tags like ‘chubby’ and ‘baby fat’ and even ‘thin’ and ‘skinny’ put you down.
You certainly can achieve a great and healthy body and the process to attain it will make you a calm, patient, considerate and a morally confident person.

I did.

Shine On 💫



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