Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Five – Super Characters


         When I say I love books, I love every aspect of them – right from the book cover to the characters. Of course, characters are the biggest factors of novels being what they are. There is no point to a story without the human trait of thinking characters (the lead, supporting characters et al) and the twists of a novel (mystery, fantasy, romance et cetera) can never be truly complete without the inputs of the villain or a character with shades of grey.

This article truly highlights the importance of these characters in books, television series and their inspirational and some humorous traits that I love in them!

Picture One (above):
▪ Atticus and Jean Louise Finch.
Harper Lee couldn’t do any better when these characters were written in the book ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. The most unreal character of Atticus Finch – of a struggling single father of a righteous personality, can be possibly the most ideal father a person can ever have. Jean Louise aka Scout Finch gives an insight into a curious childs mind and how we must pay attention to things a child sees.

▪ Sherlock Holmes.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Need I say more?

▪ Miss Marple.
Agatha Christie’s intelligent untrained detective, Miss Jane Marple is an old woman who gossiped her heart out, yet through her power of observation solved mysterious cases at the speed of light. My favorite being –  Murder at the Vicarage.

▪ Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley.
This character, also from To Kill A Mockingbird has no dialogue until the end of the book. Troubled by his childhood, he hasn’t been seen for 15 years. One sad incident makes Boo Radley come out. You need to read the book to feel Arthur Radley.

Once a Potterhead, Always a Potterhead!


        I have always maintained my love for the Harry Potter series. It was so difficult to decipher which character is more inspiring since Rowling has written every character so exclusively. Yet, I kind of tried and here are my most favorite characters from the books by J.K. Rowling. (Picture above)

▪ Severus Snape.
As per my emotional proximity, the story of Severus Snape and his love is beyond the tragic Romeo and Juliet. Snape’s character is most inspiring as it put forwards many situations where he had to make mad choices, his motto being to do everything for his love and life. We can certainly apply some situations in our lives and learn in a different setting.

▪ Albus Dumbledore.
Gay or not, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was the real person to guide Harry throughout his not-very-exciting magical life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And everybody loves the most powerful wizard of all times after Merlin, not only for his prowess but also for his wit and intelligence!

▪ Ronald Bilius Weasley.
Won-Won and I hate spiders, so much of hurrah there. I see myself in Ron. Always underestimated due to the presence of his many siblings, threatened of no importance at all. Yet, Ronald conquers it all and we can trace his journey right from the first part. I have!

▪ Harry Potter
Duh. Pretty much obvious to have Harry James Potter in my list. One of the best and most inspirational fictional characters of all time, he rises up very early in life through various obstacles (biggest being Lord Voldemort) and he gives hope to youngsters who are stereotypically ignored by adults in some parts of the magical and Muggle world (us) alike. (look around)

        Television – When I Watched It.


        Yes, you read that right. I do not watch television on a regular basis. I have watched quite a few series on TV, but UTorrent saves the day sometimes. I have watched many series on my laptop more than the television set.

I did find my share of inspirational characters in the following (picture above) :

▪ Phineas and Ferb.
Who doesn’t love the Geek brothers  Phineas and Ferb?! These guys have inspired with a message I took long enough to decipher – the will. If you are willing you can do anything (not literally like the duo, most things being impossible and I certainly do not have a pet platypus who is actually a detective! ). Achieving is easy when you believe in yourself and have the will to complete the task.

▪ Tom and Jerry.
Friendship and enemity at its best. I am sure we all have experienced the change of feelings for a close friend – all lovey and then comes the annoyance at some things they do. Tom and Jerry, being natural enemies always backed each other up. I remember crying when both the characters were killed off in an episode. Of course, they are back from the dead by public demand!

▪ Dr. Sheldon Cooper.
In all honesty, Sheldon isn’t exactly inspirational. Yes, his intelligence and vocabulary is jealousy-worthy. Sheldon is a complicated introvert who has his limits of expression and his three best friends (he doesn’t call them that) love him for what he is. Chuck Lorre has magnificently created Dr. Sheldon Cooper for The Big Bang Theory. He is complicated, but we love him!

▪ Charlie Harper
It’s of common knowledge that actor Charlie Sheen as played himself as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men. Single, handsome Charlie has no vision but for women. His brother and nephew start living with him and there starts the hilarious series with all emotions together which make Charlie start believing in relationships. .. after 7 seasons! He was killed off due to Sheen and the producer Chuck Lorre having personal issues which caused an outcry all over the world. Charlie Harper inspires me to live my life (in all the good ways) happily and never look back. Harper is the most misunderstood character on television in the last decade and one of the most loved, too!

        Only if I could write about all my favorite and inspirational characters!

Shine On 💫


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