Beings and Things That Inspire Me Today : Day Six – The Ideal Couple!

      We always do come across adorable couples around us and we wish to have a life just as fancy, stable, loving and carefree like them.  If not young boys, then young girls always have that one ideal couple they see around them or even any favorite celebrity couple they deem ‘ideal’. Well, I have an ideal couple too!

The Neighbors


        Last year we had a new addition to our neighborhood family. Yogita (the super mom) and Nagesh Mahadik (the forever planning dad) moved in with their four years young little daughter Asmi on our floor. I remember their first day with us like it was just yesterday. 

It all started with Asmi getting close to us – that kid is the most intelligent and smartest girl child I have ever come across! Asmi and I get along like a house on fire and our little friendly rendezvous soon made our families closer. As a matter of fact, the first thing that drew me towards this amazing, super couple was their reason to move in this apartment. They had their own residential property some place away, but they didn’t wish to have their daughter to be admitted in a baby sitting whilst working all day long. So they moved in here and left Asmi at her grandmothers’ place (she lives nearby) and continued with their working day and the routine continues.

        Apart from being fiercely independent, Yogita is a strong headed woman and I dearly wish to be like her when I reach that point of maturity in my life. Unlike most working mothers in the city, Yogita teaches her daughter at home and has not admitted her in a tuition class, so Asmi learns in school and revises at home.

Asmi’s father, Nagesh, is no less than his multi tasking wife! Being a financial planner, I have noticed him planning almost every event in his life so far around us – and its great! Planning is the path to excellence, after all.

They work as a team, being parents and nurture (and sometimes spoil!) their child in a way I haven’t seen any young couple around me do – and that, dear readers, is truly inspiring! Also, they are one hell of a couple who talk what they think!



       Yogita and Nagesh Mahadik celebrate their wedding anniversary today and I couldn’t think of a better gift than THIS very article on my blog!

(Guys, I hope I have successfully gifted you a unique present!)

Happiest Wedding Anniversary and do keep inspiring me untill the time we remain together as neighbors. So much love to you both! :’)

Shine On 💫


2 thoughts on “Beings and Things That Inspire Me Today : Day Six – The Ideal Couple!

  1. Hi Vrushali,
    Thanks a ton for this priceless gift. This is the most beautiful gift that anyone has ever gifted to both of us. And to add we will keep on inspiring you not only till we are your neighbors, but forever.

    Thanks once again and God bless you.


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