Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Seven – Motivation

         “Motivation draws inspiration”

Yes, that is me quoting myself ! I truly believe in the quote above – purely out of experience.


      I recall mentioning in the introductory article of this series (Beings and Thing That Inspired Me Today : Introduction) the whole point of posting these posts – to help me transform positively.

And motivation plays an important part in the journey toward being a success in life and all its aspects

      The concept of motivation is the root of getting inspired from varying examples and circumstances, natural or self-made. There are unaccounted ways of motivating yourself to move closer towards your goal right from self-enriching tactics to growing in the field of your profession. It is easy to get motivated even from a lamp post – the trick is to look for it.

Everytime I look for motivation, (I am a regular in that department) I see it in the tiniest of things. I have moulded myself to get inspired for three major life changing and defining situations. I am currently experiencing ;

– To follow a positive way of life.
– To attain a fit body.
– To follow my dream of serving the country.

Note, the goals mentioned above are not listed in a chronology and neither priority-wise.


Let me be more precise :

        To follow a positive way of life is a big change for someone like me who suffered from serious self loathing situations. The recent enlightment (which I executed myself) has brought about the realization of bringing in all things good in every moment of my current lifestyle. I gather motivation from various posts, articles, paragraphs and just one particular book called ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera and all these amazing sources of motivation inspire me to make efforts towards my character enhancement.

Similarly, in order to attain a fit body I let myself get inspired from the motivation I look for in professional fitness models, real weight loss stories and plenty of quotes and pictures readily available on the inernet, newspaper, et cetera.

Furthermore, my career aspirations are regularly motivated and polished through reading, going through MCQ questionnaire available on the internet and mobile applications, et cetera.

    Therefore, it is very important for me to keep myself regularly motivated and so the concept indeed inspires me!

Remember, motivation draws inspiration provided you have the desire to touch down successfully on your selected goal. Every time you get demotivated or if you look for inspiration, motivate yourself with your own thoughts. Mould your subconcious in such a way that it craves motivation to pull through anything not only if you are stuck, but also if you are the most successful human in the world. Never stop motivating yourself.


Do not forget to make efforts, for only motivation could be delusional.

Shine On 💫


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