Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Eight – My Pet Crows

     I have pets and they all are crows.


I am aware of the cynicism regarding the throaty caw and the color of one of the most intelligent breed of birds, and that certainly did not make me adopt them.

There is a story behind my pet crows.

The great man that my grandfather was, he often used to feed the crows who lived on the tree/s around our third floor apartment. The father-crow and my grandfather had a very different relationship.  It indeed looked like the father-crow was grateful to my grandfather for the food he provided the crow’s family of four with. I recall witnessing such an interaction during the last days of my grandfather when the father-crow actually flew inside our home and sat on the chair nearby, played with my grandfather and flew away. That was the first and the last time that crow came as close to us as possible for that little creature.

         I have read enough to believe that crows have flesh memories and they recognize human faces, so it is as good as the crows knowing our names! They recognize that bad human who shooed them and also the goid human who feeds them and talk s to them every day. Our friendly crows never fly away from us no matter how close we get and the pictures here, are a clear proof of that.

The current generation of my pet crows indeed are the descendents of my grandfather’s flying friend. This family of four sits on our window grill or on the parapet and consumes the food we provide. My father continued my grandfather’s legacy of helping our lovable friends and so will I.


Now, how have these misunderstood birds inspired me?

         As a matter of fact, we provide as much food to our beloved pets that may possibly free their hunger every day.

And this is when the best part occurs.

The mother and father-crow carry all the food to their nest and feed their children ONLY. To what we have noticed over the years, the little baby (then) and now the almost grown up crows have been fed with nutritious food that we provided, whereas the parents consumed the food that they gathered all day (with an exception of non vegetarian meals which they enjoyed! ).

Give More Than You Get is what I have learned from my pet crows.


Shine On 💫

To all the readers,
Lately, I have been extremely busy with the results of my career-defining Board Examination and later with filling of my Degree College forms and securing admission with the subjects of my choice.  Well, yay I have successfully achieved that feat! There is work pending,  but I cannot ignore this blog anymore. Apologies for being a slightly selfish (necessarily) blogger.


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