Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Eight – The Thinking Process and ‘THAT’ Post on Facebook


        The picture above conveys more than one thing that the naked eye can see and it sure is subjective – different for different people. For me, the rays form the shades of my thinking prowess and the clouds denote the irrationality I feel whilst flying high only on a thought process and not putting it into action. And that does happen often with most of us normal creatures.

I have had a small yet a thorough experience with my own way of thinking. The fact which fascinates me the most is my ability (we all can do it!) to calm my nerves with just about 5 minutes of on the spot rational thinking. And I must say, customizing your mind to a more sensible way of thinking takes no time but regulating the process every time you are idle is what will mould you.


Now, the question that I always mention.

How has my thought process inspired me?

The answer to the question above is as different as this topic.

        I recall having seen a picture shared by a friend on my Facebook news feed. It had the picture of a brain (pictured vertically, a view from above) which was divided with a thin line in halves. The left side of the brain had numerical equations, grammar phrases and a few things academic, whereas the right side of the brain blew out a flamboyant mixture of bright colors that exuded creativity.

What a thoughtfully beautiful picture that was!

Our thought process is a simply complex process. Simple because it hardly takes a second for us to react toward a thought we just conceived and complex because… well, the reason is as same as above!

My thought process has inspired me to mould myself in such a way that each thought is the right one and I execute the right action, so that I do not let my anatomical processes go in vain – they make me and my life what it is!


I do not remember who shared that Facebook post but I am thankful to that person.

That post has changed my way of looking at things.

Shine On 💫


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