Beings and Things That Inspired Me Today : Day Nine – Philosophies


       The philosophical approachability that I personally attempt to get over things that I do not like or unwanted thoughts and negativity is something that is close to my heart and mind. We can always rely on inspirational philosophies that we may come across on the internet or in any genre of books.

It so happens at times, that we feel completely blacked out about a particular situation we face, feeling of self loath, jealousy toward another person (which more often includes people closest to us than the unknown) and varying degrees of negativity in accordance to any given situation that gives dull, bad vibes. What is easy to understand and do is the simple thought that goes through our mind and yet we ignore it every time it does – trying to listen to that small voice in our head that whispers ‘this is not right, you are worth more and you can think better’.

Now, picking up philosophies is not as simple when you mean to chose a particular philosophy. It is important to pick up your philosophy only and only if it’s rational in nature, its essence lies in the greater good and it must benefit you and people around you. Picking the right book or your source of philosophy for life is extremely important. For example, I do like Jane Austen books, but NOT the idea of being a woman who cares only about a rich partner and beauty! Credibility was never so questionable! My experience in picking up philosophies has different degrees of words mainly from books, followed by the Internet.

        I owe my childhood to Harry Potter (childhood seems ages ago, I turned 20 two days back!). As years and parts went by, I kept learning and reflecting Potterhead philosophies starting from ‘you can conquer your innermost fear, regardless of your age or gender’, ‘the importance of love’, ‘families make us stronger’ et cetera.


The Question.

How does the idea of philosophy and picking up philosophies inspire me?

Philosophies and their respective philosophers, artists, authors and writers have inspired me to follow certain rules that I have to discipline and mould myself into. I have done so, with due respect to the internet, books and magazines such as Reader’s Digest, and the results are definitely cumulative.

Remember, our conscious has the ability to filter negativity out which directly means that we can control our vision and thoughts. It is upto us if we want to expose our mind to something not worth building up in our system. Why? Because, the conscious mind filters but the subconcious takes in every thing, be it good or bad,  positive or negative, open or narrow minded.

Follow the right philosophy and keep a track on your vision and your ability and sense of listening. That, dear reader, is the secret formula to a happy and successful life!

Shine On 💫


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