Dos & Don’ts of Buying People

Fish Of Gold

I’ve been sold. Can any of you say that? I mean, since the 13th Amendment was ratified in 1865, selling people in the United States has been rather frowned upon. Yet, here I am in 2014 having just been sold.

The owner of the company I’ve been employed by for the last three and a half years sold me. Well, really, he sold his company brand and assets, but I am considered an asset. I suppose it’s nice to be in the plus column, but being sold against your will and without any say in the matter isn’t a very nice feeling.

Granted, I am not literally a slave. I can choose not to go to the new company, but that means I choose to be unemployed. I’d rather not be unemployed since it puts a crink in one’s income.

As someone who was just sold and since not many…

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