Quitting The Virtual Musketeers – Bye, Social Networking.



      I quit Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp about four months back. And I am alive!

Yes, at the rate of virtual existence in the form of profiles and accounts I must be dead and gone by now. I recall posting about Facebook once in February, when I was virtually hyperactive, and I would like my readers (old and new) to take a jog back to my old post.

Link :  https://vrushalikadam.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/facebook-what-do-we-actually-do/

So, yes. Coming back to the track, I must say zero usage of the three virtual musketeers of a teenager’s life gave me a much needed reality check. Reality? Pretty much so.

        I quit the Virtual Musketeers (VM) due to reasons best known to me (hush) and what I experienced so far has been an ugly, curvy roller coaster ride as well as a jet ski in the sea at the speed of a duck. Just like most people who have some sort of virtual presence, I just wanted to go back and socially include myself in the VMs. Why? Because everyone did that. The force which keeps me holding back from going back to the VMs wanted me to get a life. And I did.


Like I mentioned previously in the coaster-jet ski example, going off social networking is a good and bad experience. Or it had been that way for me. Let me make it less boring by putting down my transitional pointers chronologically;

▪ No Twitter?! How will I throw my opinion out in the open within 140 characters! That takes creative thinking!

▪ No Facebook?! I may develop a Cancer and die any moment. Facebook is… Facebook. Nobody goes off like that! I can’t miss on new virals and memes!

▪ No Whatsapp?! FML.

▪ No Twitter sounds fine. No Facebook and Whatsapp is killing me.

▪ Hmm… may be no Whatsapp is good, too. I miss Facebook, though.

▪ I am over Twitter and Whatsapp! Facebook… nope.

▪ :3

       That was it! My transition in the last four months! Apart from absolute abstinence from VMs, I rediscovered a lot of things. Imagine (if you still have the power to) cutting off from the VMs, giving more time to your hobbies, people you love, creative thinking, self enhancement and most importantly, yourself. I may sound like a boring 19 years young girl but these things and situations not only get you back to who you are but also provide you with what you were missing whilst getting emersed into the VMs.


A clarification: I love Facebook. I think social media is a great platform to do all sorts of things and I reckon this the freest place for every person (with access to it) to project his or her right of expression rightfully. Yet, that isn’t the end of the world. It is a place where everything that you post is taken personally. Social networking is a brilliant genius and hats off to the inventing nerds, indefinitely. My point here is that unnecessary usage must not be tolerated.
But I cannot quit WordPress. Sorry.

All I am saying is, quit it for a while sometimes, resume and get a life!

Shine On 💫


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