Following Thy Dreams!



       I certainly am not YOLOing here, but being an agnostic it is somewhat impossible to acknowledge another life or even an afterlife, which is often a point of discussion religiously. I believe in a life of satisfaction, so when I am breathing my last I do not want the apparent process of reevaluation of life to go haywire with regrets of not doing the ‘right thing’.

Highly subjective, is it not?

The ‘meaning’ that we usually seek in our lives is subjective. For instance, some  people find meaning in their lives by living an impulsive life, some like to help the less privileged, some want to take up all the adventure sports activities possible, some travel the world to experience life differently, et cetera. And why do people do this? Because a moment gone is a moment lost.

Now, now. I will not go too deep about rationality and irrationality, good and bad; people do things today because tomorrow is uncertain. And then there are dreams.

Dreams, here, mean their unconventional and not very literal meaning; they mean our ambitions, aims and the will to do that one thing in life and achieve it like there is no tomorrow. It is that feeling that some people harbor right from their childhood, and some people catch on it later in life as adults as soon as reality hits them hard in the face.


      Our dreams mean so much to us. A direct pathway towards the goal of achieving a single or multiple ambitions is something we wish for, not what we want. Haven’t you come across situations where you know the right thing to do but you back off at the very last moment for somebody else, even if that means giving up on something we long cherished? You see, that tickle in us humans is that little daredevil risk that we love taking. And we must take it – only if it is worth taking. Giving up on plans constructed over the years can make one feel disappointed in him/herself. It may constantly put a person down for the rest of his/her life.

Do not go awry over the ‘follow your dream’ fuss if you end up doing irrational things. And by irrational,  I mean, things that are generally considered unethical, down and basically, bad things. If your dream is to try all the possible drugs, then stop dreaming. If your dream is to bully someone for fun, then stop dreaming.  If your dream is to kill 100 people, then kill yourself.


       Fly at the speed of light to follow your dream. Find support in your loved ones who will be there for your throughout your journey. Live for yourself, yes. But do not forget those who stood by your side and loved you whilst you pushed all the barriers to be what you are today or when you think of your experience when you will be that someone you always wanted to be.

“Dreaming is a process which starts with a thought and ends with an achievement.”

If you are happy with yourself, that is only when you can develop your ability to make others happy. Rest is otherwise.

Shine On 💫


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