Yes ,No ,Maybe ?

Welcoming my friend Sasha to WordPress.

Of Clouds And Daisy Chains.

I write. I stop. I start again. I stop. And I erase. I write. I stop. I start yet again. But I stop. And then I erase. Because sometimes , you don’t have anything to write about. Or sometimes,you have too much to write about. My brain is working at a pace of a million thoughts per minute. My backspace button is cringing at the brutality. And I still have no idea what I’m going to write about. No , seriously, you can stop reading now. Because this post has no structure . And I’m not going to give it one. I’ll let it take me where ever it goes. Kind of like Jack Kerouac. But without any external help from mind altering substances, of course. Because that would just defeat the purpose,won’t it? The whole idea ( I have shifted from the mind-altering substances dimension, if you’re still thinking…

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