Away From Her Microcosm

The last thing she remembered,
was teeth and blood in hand.
The first thing she woke up to,
was a deceivingly abstract land.

She was seated in a meadow,
lilac lilies around, indeed.
She twisted, turned and searched the ground,
For the key her mind knew of, it seems.

Standing up slowly,  she gaped at what she saw.
The meadow was a steep hill –
facing a waterfall.

Hair, now tangled,
in the breeze of the moment;
She quickly tucked it back,
as a fly tickled her abdomen.

The endless sky, blue with its vanity;
She soon confessed to love this universe,
not her previous accidental clarity.

Many days passed,
she lived on her meadow.
She had made friends with Merlin,
fawns and worms that glow.

She could change her surroundings,
with the whip of a gadget.
Experimenting on the sky,
now mauve with her antics.

The day came.
When she would learn the truth.
Her meadow was not hers,
it was her mind’s thinking fruit.

As scared as she was,
she wanted it to stay.
But, she learnt of her mother,
asking her ‘Lord’ and pray.

It took her by surprise and shock,
the realization that came.
This realm was never hers,
it was time to go back to the game.

When her eyes first opened,
her jaw hurt, she felt, contracting.
When the vision cleared the blur,
she saw her mother reacting.

This was her world.
Not the one with slumbering lilies, she thought.
The ups and downs of life were necessary,
to persist going through all odds.

The key that she looked for,
was found again, it seems.

It was the key to happiness,
that she found in her long dreams.

Running away to build a wall and a microcosm around, may make one weak.
To fight, grow and learn from it all for the greater good, is what we really seek.

Shine On 💫


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