You Don’t Even Know Me


         The prolonged silence from my end has been disturbing me; the dullness of the daily experimentation that my days are filled of has torn me down to the extent of hibernation. People make me forget the unnecessary; they make me feel lonely too. They are around me and they care to take me away from my microcosm. But I love to live in it. It gives me a naturally pretentious feeling of joy.

The mess of speckless stationary, the neatness of those inner spectacles within the desires of my heart I just put down on paper; is the proclaimed CPR. Because I need to breathe. Because I fall short of air. But, I also love to live in the delusion of free wills and free minds; where I inhale their exhaltation. It makes everything easy. I fit in easily; I think I assume I do.

I will stand out, good enough. I always do. It’s your perception that lets you see me the way you want to see me.

You don’t even know me.


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