Desert Lilies



   The Sahara seemed endless. And here she was, on a desert trail, all alone – and looking for an answer.

She did leave her country alone, only to be joined by people once again; people of varying colors, people of varying nationalities, tourists and locals – Africa made everyone one. Sitting in the moving trailer on the never ending desert, she could recall the warmth of Africans at her arrival. They did not even know her. They rightfully set the pattern of acknowledgement and knowing – at that very moment, she was positive she could make it.

Being hosted by a family of seven, she felt overwhelmed at the kindness of them all, three men, two girls and the elderly couple. The youngest girl had signed up for a hosting programme and that is how she met them all. The Potters.

She turned. It was James. The oldest Potter sibling, his untidy hair and glasses in all their glory.

Shell shocked, she zoomed out of her day dream and took in her surroundings; trailer, desert and people. She was almost sure she had not seen James when she entered the trailer.

“What am I doing here?”
“Uh..yes, yes! That!”
“You booked the safari from my computer. I saw how you were; could not resist to be by your side.”

She was clueless. She suddenly forgot how to speak. What language did she know?

Yes. She ran away from them, those problems. It was the family that was making her insane. Torturing, even. She felt amazed at how wretched her folks were. Living off their daughter’s finances…not that she minded. She didn’t know that, though.

Not until..

She jumped. She searched his face for a while.

“I have a name, you know?”
“Literally, that is it!”
“James! Do not!”
“But that’s what you said to me the first time we met”, James was teasing her with a mischievous smile.
“That was different!”, she couldn’t stop laughing, “I have a name, refer to me by the same.”

“Well, I don’t know what it is. Enlighten me?”

There she was, in the middle of a desert. And not just any desert. Sahara.

That is when she saw it. Far away from their trailer, she saw a glistening clearing of tall trees and…was that water?”


As they gathered speed towards the oasis, she replied –

“Lily. My name is Lily.”


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