The Lost Soul of Love


The significance of a person, be it your better/other half, a close friend or family creates a sort of hollow throughout the persuasion of the current life – the feeling experience you experience right at this moment.

Losing a human being who cherished your dreams as you did comes as a setback;  especially when you lose them forever in the oblivion of the unknown. I refer to death, here.

It has always been a ride, death has been. Of course, the process and concept of death tears the strongest of people apart, limb by limb; yet, growing in the comfort of improved development is a drug, if you can help yourself.

The time I lost three really important people in my life, back then, called for a ride. I fought with each one of them the last time I met them – disagreed, rather. How the moments break me every single day is a process of itself, altogether. I would not wish even a negatively sworn opponent to feel that despair of repentance.

I truly reckon that life goes on through such setbacks,  some which are massive to some people with the only bread earner joining the greatly mysterious regime of non existence on this planet. It works out differently for different persons, thus showing subjectivity.

And that, means a lot more than it intends to showcase – there is hope. Every bad, most miserable circumstance shines with a ray of enlightenment and endless hope at that point and one must, to whoever it presents itself to, must embrace it.

It does go away, after a while, but what stays with you are the memories and most importantly, the courage to make it.

Shine On ★


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